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Landcare groups in Western Australia have formed a peak Landcare body, WA Landcare Network Inc (WALN), to directly represent and support landcare groups across the state at the national level. WALN is effectively owned by the grassroots Landcarers. The operations of WALN is focused on providing improved support, coordination and capacity building to landcare groups and increase landcare's input into NRM decision making. This is in line with WALN mission statement:

To establish an operating and useful landcare network in Western Australia that supports and strengthens the ability of member groups to undertake their work and have strong national support and involvement.

WALN is a member of the National Landcare Network Inc. and has the support and collaboration of the State NRM Office. WALN also has good dialogue with the NRM Regional Groups in WA.

          Community Landcare Forum 2016
WALN believes in making a difference through strengthening the organising power and voice of community landcare groups in our State.
Photo By Aruni Jayasekera     

WALN has clear objectives in its role as the voice of landcare groups in WA:

  1. To develop and foster a cohesive and cooperative forum to support, advocate for, and encourage the development of community-based landcare groups and networks to address natural resource management and environmental issues;
  2. To advocate for and facilitate mechanisms which ensure a sustainable financial and administrative base for the community-based landcare movement;
  3. To provide a forum for discussion and development of a coordinated approach or response from community-based landcare groups on landcare and natural resource management issues;
  4. To promote the value of coordinated partnership approaches for managing natural resources between community-based landcare groups, regional NRM organisations, local government, relevant government agencies and Ministers, private organisations, industry and other stakeholders;
  5. To represent the interest of community-based landcare at a State and National level; and
  6. To celebrate and promote the achievements and successes of community-based landcare groups across Western Australia.
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Landcare Legends

Recognising Landcare Legends
Photo by Aruni Jayasekera

Coastal knowledge

The project is supported by the WA Landcare Network, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

On-ground work, planning, sharing information, facilitation, celebration and promotion of achievements of landcarers are some of the things that landcare is about

Forum Delegates
Delegates of the WALN Forum - 22 May 2015
Photo by Gerry Butler

WALN, NLN and NRM WA representatives at the NLN meeting 25 - 26 May 2015
Photo by Gerry Butler


Winners of the State Landcare Awards 2015. WALN Chair Jill Richardson (Above) and Deputy Chair Par Hart (Below) receiving their awards on 22 September 2015 
Photo by Aruni Jayasekera

Keith getting an OAM
WALN congratulates Keith Bradby (WALN - Treasurer) and family on the special occasion of Keith being awarded an OAM for his service to environmental conservation

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