About Us

The WA Landcare Network has been formed to provide landcare groups across Western Australia a much needed collective voice when decisions are made about their future, to help groups share their skills, experience and collective buying power together to cut costs and improve efficiency at getting the job done on the ground.

The decision to form a WA Landcare Network was made at a Community Forum held in Perth in May 2013, hosted by the National Landcare Network. A Working Group was formed after months of formal and informal discussions. In May 2014, WALN had finalised its Constitution and was formally incorporated as a not-for-profit organisation with a foundation membership of 10 community groups. WALN operates with an Executive Committee of five members who work with their Executive Officer to provide benefits to members and raise the profile of landcare in WA.

The WALN Constitution defines landcare as:

any activity contributing to the improvement of the natural environment. The natural environment includes urban and rural bush, waterways, wetlands, natural parks, reserves, agricultural landscapes, and soils.

The general response to having an advocacy and support body for community based Landcare in WA has been overwhelmingly positive. WALN membership has tripled and currently there are over 30 member groups.

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