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The aim of this page is to provide a forum to landcarers and encourage WALN members to engage, generate ideas and share information on landcare. While promoting robust communications and interactions, WALN will not be held liable for any legal or other undesirable consequences resulting from defamatory statements. Hence the following guidelines:

Guidelines for bloggers:
  • Provide accurate and concise information
  • Acknowledge sources of information
  • Suggested post length is under 500 words
  • Avoid posting sensitive or politically controversial material
  • Avoid promoting commercial products or services
  • Avoid inflammatory language
  • Be respectful of others
  • Do not demand that your post be published immediately
How to submit a post:
 First read the guidelines then email your post to:

Recent Posts:
Sarah Randell has acknowledged the great community response she has received so far for her Banksia survey. Out of 280 survey sites, 240 sites have already been nominated by volunteers. She appreciates WALN for circulating her email among the members and appreciates the work started by Warren Catchments Council around Manjimup. If you have expressed interest to get involved, please contact Sarah to indicate your availability. Below is the link to Facebook group where you can see Sarah's latest results.
16 Apr 2015, 22:43