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WISALTS Inc (Whittington Interceptor Sustainable Agriculture Land Treatment Society Inc)

W.I.S.A.L.T.S. [Whittington Interceptor Sustainable Agriculture Land Treatment Society Inc.] is an incorporated, not- for- profit organisation, established by farmers in 1978 to promote the concept developed by Mr Harry Whittington O.A.M. to address land degradation issues on his farm at Brookton.

The Whittington Interceptor Bank System [ W.I.B.S.] uses the intercept concept to control surface and in particular sub-surface water movement which results in waterlogging,  and subsequent salinity issues and has proven very effective in returning inundated and damaged [dead ] soil back to high quality productivity .

Correctly planned, installed and monitored, the system is the trigger mechanism to rebalance the water/air ratio in the soil  as close as possible to its virgin bush state,  will encourage macro and microbiological activity therein, helps resolve soil compaction,  acidity and is a long term solution[for generations to come] to reversing degradation issues and building healthier soils.

W.I.S.A.L.T.S. main community projects have been lake rehabilitation, homestead and townsite water management preventing waterlogging , primarily, septic tank overloading and chemical interaction causing deterioration to brick and concrete walls and flooring, water management preventing roadway damage and rehabilitation of remnant vegetation to almost pristine condition.

Investing in a Whittington Interceptor Bank System is a long term investment and current research is aimed at slightly modifying the banks to allow for todays farm equipment need for long, wide runs in the paddocks.

The Society currently has six approved consultants to plan the system.

                                                Our motto is : HOLD THE WATER WHERE IT FALLS.

       There is also a slogan that goes : PLANT THE WATER FIRST AND EVERYTHING ELSE WILL FOLLOW.

 For further information contact WISALTS President Jim Sorgiovanni on 0899232771 , mobile 0429900828 or email




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Jim Sorgiovanni - Director